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Builder's Story


Homebuilding isn’t just a skill. It’s a passion—one that drives the desire to sharpen your skills in a never-ending pursuit of excellence.


David Capretto started selling real estate when he was 18 years old. Five years later, he bought a partially-built home that was being foreclosed on, convincing the bank to lend him the money to finish building it. They agreed. He built and sold the home.


And his passion was ignited with the start of Capretto Homes. 


He built another home, and another. Within just a couple of years, David was building four to five homes a year. Then his business continued to grow, raising his goal but never lowering his standards. Homebuyers came to know David Capretto as a reputable builder of quality homes in the Western New York  Area.


In 2002, David purchased and merged his homebuilding business with Forbes Homes, creating Forbes Capretto Homes. David kept his hand in every aspect of the business, cultivating manageable growth.


“Back then, I did all the estimating, purchasing, sub-contractors agreements, sales, contracts, marketing, and accounting,” David explains. He went to a copy center before the weekend open houses to make copies, and then managed the events. Every weekday, he built homes, followed by sales meetings in the early evening, with bookkeeping afterwards. But it was never a chore. David was living his dream.


“My dream was always to grow a successful building company, not just build homes.”


Although Forbes Capretto Homes has grown into one of the largest, privately-owned homebuilders in Western New York, David stays close to “home”. He has cultivated a family-oriented homebuilding business, which deepens the commitment to personally and fully serving homebuyers. The families live, work, and play here. The kids go to school with those of the people who live in a Forbes Capretto Home. When you’re a part of a community while also building it, the connection is powerful.


David personally ensures every one of the homes built by his team meets the quality standards he has built his reputation on. His name is on the company, his hand is on the pulse of it. 


Forbes Capretto Homes continues the tradition that David Capretto established when he was an 18-year-old fascinated with finding the right homes for his customers. Now, he doesn’t just look for those homes. He builds them.